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Getting Your Friends to Help You in Your Move

Getting Your Friends to Help You in Your Move

The most efficient Dallas movers are always ready to help you out in efficiently making arrangements for your move and also in shifting your possessions. But sometimes you need to have friends around you as you prepare yourself for the move. Good friends will not only console or encourage you to cope up with the situation, but will also help you in packing and other aspects of the move.

Asking friends for help

It is important for you to be extremely considerate while soliciting help from your friends to make the move easier. Note that you are requesting them to spend some of their precious time to help you, and might also require them to lift some heavy household items.

Make sure that you tell your friends about the move and that you need their help as early as possible, because if they have previous plans, they might be unable to assist you in any way on a short notice. Moreover, refrain from the natural tendency of asking through social networking platforms, but ask them in person.

Another important thing is that you should be honest with your friends at this time. Let them know in details exactly what help you are looking forward to. In this way, they can prepare themselves well, and in some cases, can also offer you insightful tips.

On a different note, to make the process interesting for your friends, you can offer incentives like food and drink breaks, playing their favorite movie or music or even giving away some items that you no longer require. After all, when you seek their assistance, it is also a day of enjoyment with your friends.

Making the most of your friends’ help

If you have hired Dallas movers, your friends will not have to help you out in the major tasks since everything will be done professionally by the movers. However, in case you have not hired any professional and are thinking of doing it on your own only with the assistance of friends, plan everything beforehand.

Properly pack your belongings in the boxes so that your friends can conveniently carry them in the moving vehicle. Again, if you want your friends to assist you in packing, make a checklist before they arrive so that you are sure regarding what goes into which box. Also, make sure that you provide the right equipments to your friends that would be required in packing or loading, such as working gloves, goggles, wrapping materials, dollies, and so on.

If your friends need to move items for you, especially big furniture, you should make enough space available for the movement and ensure that the passage for movement has no obstacles.

For a local move, you may also ask for transportation help from those friends who have their own vehicles. Before the items are loaded in your friends’ vehicles, make a list which is indicative of items that are being transported in each friend’s car.

To get the best outcome, it is good to strategically distribute the tasks amongst your friends. Always keep in mind the capabilities of a particular person before assigning him a job.

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